Fine Art Reproduction Printing - Overview

Digital Fine Art Reproduction Printing using archival pigment inks is a process using Digital Technology requiring many steps, from digital capture of artwork, color matching and test printing, all needed to produce the final 'BAT' proof and finished print.

It is important to keep in mind what Digital Fine Art Reproduction
printing means and what expectations the artist should have as there are limitations with this process.

Because of the variety of artist inks and mediums, Digital Fine Art Reproduction prints are not facsimiles but rather artistic interpretations of the original art. Professional printers use sophisticated imaging software, a high resolution photographic
archival pigment inkjet printer and a keen eye for color, tonality and texture to get the look and 'feel' of the original art being reproduced.

The fine reproduction print of the artwork, is very close in color matching and feel, yet somehow different and new on its own. The fine reproduction print will look like it's been painted fresh again on new media without the shadow or hint of standard 'copywork' techniques of the past. Artist requests for changes and repairs can also be made digitally to give the artwork sometimes an even 'better' look than the original.

The fine reproduction archival print with careful handling and display, can be enjoyed for many years, valued by both museums and collectors alike.

-Northlight Editions